Zooomr starts to come back

June 1, 2007 – 2:47 pm | by Benjamin Watt

As mentioned the other day, Zooomr hit some hard times when their database server crashed. Well, now thanks to the combined help and generosity of Zoho (providing space in their data centre instead of the old, and other help), Sun Microsystems (loaning some high powered, high capacity servers), and Dell (who I take it fixed the controller problem on the database server), all the photos on the Zooomr Static server are now back up.

That means all the photos I’ve blogged here from Zooomr are now showing again, and also they now appear very quickly! The new data centre they’re using puts them on a much better fibre link, and that coupled with the Sun hardware hosting these photos seems to have had a dramatic affect.

The Zooomr site itself is still not back up, but that’s expected later today, and judging by things so far it’s going to be much quicker than it otherwise would have been. Very cloud has a silver lining, and it looks as though Zooomr has come out very well from this one.

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